Silicon Valley Engineers, Come get your $250k Salary?

Success in life and work, regardless of how we define success, is all about execution.   It doesn’t matter how brilliant an idea is or how much money we can throw at it.   There is an endless list of failures in product development, projects, and life experiments where pure genius was at the root of the effort, and it failed anyway.

Usually, a project or product can survive after the first or second failed attempt if one has enough money and time.

The individuals who waiver, build a reputation of failure, and the ones that succeed, become the Executioners every employer is salivating to have on their team.  Executioners are paid the big bucks, always have outside job opportunities, earn special privileges, time off, and hopefully a humble confidence that is a joy to work with.

How to Design Low Price Machined Parts and Why?

Before we get into how to design cheap machined parts, we need to understand the mindset of reducing the number of operations to make your part, so let’s quickly review how and why it’s so important.

Design Cheap CNC Parts to be machined with Fixtures like thisWith CNC Vertical or Horizontal Mill Machining, usually, it’s most economical to set a build-up with fixtures arranged in a row or grid where we place multiple pieces of material in a specific position to machine in one direction, then flip the parts over for other features, then do it again, and so on and so forth until we finish the parts. We call each flip of the part an, “Operation or Op”.