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When our shop is at maximum capacity, we want to continue to take orders by passing orders along to trusted partners when they are slow. When our shop is slow, we would like to keep our employees working with work from other shops at capacity. Why not help each other succeed, grow and benefit together? We believe this kind of forward thinking is instrumental to business success, improved customer service and strengthening our collective ability to bring manufacturing back to America. Fancy rhetoric aside, it's a no cost, easy win-win and the right thing to do.


– Keep the doors open during slow times.
– Create a steady flow of work.
– Increase your shop capacity.
– Increase exposure, SEO & Google ranking.
– Costs nothing. Leverage our Marketing $.

Business Guidelines

+ Send/Receive NWR (New Work Request).
+ Max. price pre-approved by customer.
+ On-time delivery incentive program.
+ Resale certificate required.
+ NDA, Terms and conditions.

General Requirements

– Mandatory 2 week delivery.
– Must be a Full-Service machine shop.
– Inspection reports required.
– Payment Terms are NET 30.
– Agree to our workmanship standards


New Work Requests

When there is extra work beyond our capacity, we will send out a NWR to you. NWRs are different than an RFQ because they already set the maximum price accepted by the customer.

  • NWRs are an attempt to reduce time and effort when negotiating pricing between three parties; the customer, us and you.
  • Rather than send quotes back and forth between us, and then back to the customer for approval, we found through experimentation that it’s best to receive customer approval of the price, then find a vendor who can do it for the price.
  • NWRs will be sent with a maximum price, quantities, delivery date and documentation package.
  • Quick and effective communication is critical to success.
  • First Response: 3 hour max. response time; will acknowledge receipt of NWR and submit questions/comments.
  • 24 Hour Accept/Decline Response; vendor must submit simple one-word response, “accept or decline”.
  • Eventually, an online portal will make this quick and easy.
  • Business as usual; Parametric will submit a PO and documentation package when NWR is accepted.

NWR New Work Request

20% Margin

The NWR prices are 20% below the customer sales price. This provides a 20% margin for booking the order and passing it along to another shop.
4th-Axis CNC Machining heat exchanger, nickel at Parametric Manufacturing

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