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The Parametric Difference Saves Cost & Time

About Our Bay Area CNC Machine Shop & Services

Our foundation for doing business is building relationships with our customers,
working with integrity, and being a part of the vision that is Silicon Valley. We excel
at helping customers reduce costs with our DFM insights. So much so, that we
guarantee 10% or more savings when our DFM suggestions are implemented with every quote.

2 Sides of the Production Coin

We are proud to offer 40+ years of machining, manufacturing and mechanical engineering experience.

CNC Machining, Milling, Turning & Wire EDM

Master Machinist Jon Drury is one of the few remaining machinists in the Bay Area trained in the “old school methods”.  Having apprenticed under German Master machinist, Ziggy A., in the days when machining was done by hand, Jon learned to maintain tolerances “the old fashioned” way; a cornerstone in operating any precision machine shop. He has been a machinist for 40 years and a master machinist for over 20 years.

Mechanical Engineering, Design, DFM, Tolerancing and Operations

The Parametric team shores up engineering support, advanced 3D modeling, production drawings, workmanship standards and DFM.  With over 20 years in design and machining solutions for Applied Materials, JDSUniphase, Tesla Motors, inTest, SGI and more…we speak your language to help you tweak your design for lower pricing and delivery times.


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What It’s Like To Work With Us

We are down to earth people and easy to talk too.

Variable Input - We first start with listening

If you want a quick quote, we’ll give it to you with a few DFM suggestions. If you have a new product design, we can sit down together to unlock the most cost-effective route to achieving your goals. Need production pricing that competes with China? We’ll figure a way to tool and fixture your design to bring it back to America.

Parametric Processes

We’ve significantly reduced management of the minutia while focusing on the key variables that dictate high throughput, quality and lower operational costs. We build in the precise measurements to make the CNC machining cost-effective from the beginning, which makes the job profitable for you…every time.

Consistent Results & Beautiful Parts

High quality, machined parts produced in a cost effective manner, within tolerance and delivered on time. Our customer testimonials show that we are an elite shop in the USA who can machine complex, tight tolerance parts at competitive prices.
Digital Depth Indicator - Quality Inspection

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