Parametric Manufacturing Awarded Best of 2017

Awarded Best Machine Shop, Santa Clara 2017We were just as surprised to receive this award as our customers are when we deliver early:) However, we are honored to have received this in such a competitive market that is in the heart of Silicon Valley and over 20 machine shops we compete with in Santa Clara.

It goes to show that commitment to a long game, bootstrapping and delayed gratification can earn a win when one may need it most.

Because 2016-2017 has been rough for us, filled with illnesses that led to the hospitalization of my partner Jon Drury (scary stuff!), human resource struggles, elusive profitability and lack of budget to invoke the changes needed, this win is a shining example of the result of the hard work and commitment of our most valuable resources, our team on the shop floor.

The value of a company is in the people, not the product or service. People made this happen, good, hard working Americans. Made in USA!

Modern Machine Shop Interviews Us for Our DFM Capabilities

Shops that offer design for manufacturability advice can reduce customers’ machining cost and complexity. This shop leverages finite element analysis as part of its sophisticated DFM efforts, and this also helps in its efforts to establish long-term relationships with its customer’s engineers.

You can read the entire article on the Modern Machine Shop website by clicking on this link.